So You Think You Need To Hire An Ad Agency?

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You’ve got a good thing going – sales, customers and business model that is working. You want to make sure you can keep growing, while focusing on the core components of the business. 


Whether you’re a small or not-so-small business, there comes a time when you know you need to get some outside help to keep growing in the right marketing channels for you. 


It’s a challenge to try and stay current with all the major advertising platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Microsoft Advertising, especially if you don’t have dedicated people focused on this.


How can I work with a growth agency to get more sales?


  • Outsource PPC Management
  • Competitive Research
  • Advanced Reporting on Analytics
  • Strategy on where to focus and how to build campaigns
  • Consulting on creatives, landing pages and copy
  • Optimization on the customer journey
  • Social proofing tips / leveraging testimonials


Key things to consider when working a Growth Agency 


  • Do they have a presence / authority on places like LinkedIn
  • Proper Certifications (relevant to the platforms you want to promote on)
  • No Binding, Long Term Contracts
  • A history of working with clients for many months or years
  • Do their clients make sense with your industry (D2C verticals, e-commerce, similar size and markets)
  • Do they have a sound strategy on how to work together
  • A key understanding of Analytics
  • Do they have a passion & excitement for their work?
  • Do they care about ROI, willing to work to make sure incentives to spend are aligned?
  • Are they available on evenings and weekends or short notice?
  • Will you get the attention you deserve?

At Adfluent, we understand the challenges that many different types of businesses have. We’ve taught hundreds of workshops around topics like Understanding Your Website data with Google Analytics, The Power of Blogging, Social Media 101 & Paid Search Strategies for Success. We manage paid search, display and remarketing campaigns for a range of clients who are focused on aggressive ROI and ROAS goals.


We don’t believe in weird, binding contracts or outrageous setup fees. You always get to keep you data and ad accounts so you won’t be held hostage. We run a lean shop so we can focus on any size budget. We don’t launch a campaign until we know we can measure success and work against your target acquisition goal.

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