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Important Questions To Ask About Your Users, Acquisition, Behaviour and Conversions

There are four main categories of reports in Google Analytics – Users (learn about your audiences), Acquisition (traffic sources), Behavior (what are users doing on your site) and Conversions (details about your goals, including e-commerce reports). Collectively, there are many valuable insights you can harness to better understand what’s working and ultimately grow your business.

Here’s the most popular insights and helpful reports we provide to our clients via in-depth conversations, Google Data Studio reports (great for visualization) or custom built dashboards and reports in GA…


  • How many users did I have last week or last month?
  • Do users come to the site via mobile vs desktop vs tablet?
  • Where are my active users located and what are the demographics?
  • Which % of my users are new vs returning?


  • What traffic sources are the biggest and most effective?
  • How are my campaigns performing?


  • Which pages on my site bring the most traffic and engagement?
  • What are the top landing pages (entry points on my site) and their conversion rates?
  • Which events on my site are being triggered and how?
  • Where do people tent to exit my site?


  • What is my conversion rate by goal type?
  • What traffic sources are driving the most sales?
  • What is the trend of my e-commerce conversion rate over the last 6 weeks?
  • How many goal completions did I have in the top 10 States last month?
  • What is my total product revenue for the last 30 days?
  • What does my shopping cart behavior look like?
  • How many sessions resulted in a product view, add to cart and/or checkout?
  • What is my cart abandonment rate?
  • What is my checkout abandonment rate?

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