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So You Think You Need To Hire An Ad Agency?

You’ve got a good thing going – daily sales, customers who have become ambassadors for your brand and a business model that is working. Now you want to scale in the right marketing channels but…

  • You are spending more than ever on Google Ads yet results are only satisfactory.
  • You are wondering if ‘Influencer Marketing’ should be your next play however, you are hesitant about working with them given all the news about legitimacy (do they or do they not buy followers/likes?).
  • CTR, LTV and ACO → confused much?? This is all mumble jumble since they never taught you how to calculate this in school.

 And all you really want to do is BUILD!


If any of this resonates, then <insert the agency>. 

Yes it’s time because there are actually people out there who are passionate about things that confuse the heck out of you or that you simply don’t like to do!


 So what exactly can a growth agency do to grow your business?  

  • Outsource PPC Management
  • Competitive Research
  • Advanced Reporting on Analytics
  • Strategy on where to focus and how to build campaigns
  • Consulting on creatives, landing pages and copy
  • Optimization on the customer journey
  • Social proofing tips / leveraging testimonials


Which agency is right for you?

Once you decide you need help in one or more of these areas, the next step is crowdsourcing your network for referrals. Then do your research and ask the hard questions to quality how they can best help you…

  • Social proof – do they have a strong online presence / authority on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.? 
  • Ask for case studies and examples of other similar businesses as yours that they have worked with. (In size, vertical, target markets, etc.)
  • Do they have a reputation of working with clients for many months or years? Pick an agency that is committed to nurturing a long term relationship with you.
  • What is their strategy on working together? Communication is everything!
  • Are they ROI driven? Meaning they care about your bottom line and are willing to work to make sure incentives to spend are aligned?
  • Do they have a solid understanding of Analytics?
  • Are they passionate and excited to work with you? 
  • What is their availability? (Do they close shop at 5pm or do they answer emails on weekends and can turnaround on short notice?) 
  • Will you get the attention you deserve especially if you are a smaller client?

Red Flags! Stay away from…

Beware of agencies with minimal online presence such as abandoned social media accounts or blogs, long binding contracts, outrageous setup fees or anyone who ‘guarantees’ results.

Your data and ad accounts should also not be held hostage – for example, each agency should have a Facebook business manager account that links to your company page so there is full transparency and you can view and access your data and campaign anytime. 

Like most things in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it likely is. Remember not all agencies are created equal.


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